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F-100 Fog Generator High End Systems

The F-100 has set the standard by which all smoke machines are judged. This feature packed machine includes variable output, timer features, remote control, analog control, a 2.5 gallon capacity tank, rigging points, selection of different fluids for different applications, and a full 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger block over and above the standard 2 year warranty. This American made unit is undoubtedly the best machine available in the world today! Remote not included.

Power 120 or 240 VAC, 7 amps @ 120V
Dimensions 9.5" x 12" x 27"
Weight 31 Lbs.

W/Timer Remote


Magnum Pro 2000 Professional Smoke Machine Martin
The Magnum Pro 2000 is a Martin Professional exclusive and is well known for it's high output and dependability. Microprocessor technology is just part of what makes this unit first in its' class! It comes complete with an electronic remote and can be controlled by DMX with the optional DMX Interface. W/Timer Remote
Magnum 1000 Professional Smoke Machine Martin


It is amazing that such a small smoke machine can produce such voluminous clouds of smoke as the new Magnum 1000.

Typically the heating element and pump of the Magnum 1000 are tough and hardy, guaranteeing a customer years of faultless service.

Built-in overheating protection, programmable output, and manual control via a remote handset complete the unbeatable capabilities of the Magnum 1000.

W/Timer Remote
Transformer CITC

The Hi-Lo DigiFogger family of haze machines is proud to announce the birth of their first fog machine "The Transformer". Easily transforms from a water based to an oil based fogger.

FEATURES: 400% more fog, switch from Lo to Hi output, 40x faster, 40x dryer (.5 microns), switch from oil based fluid to water based fluid, remote control with cycle timer, safe-temp digital readout, visible fluid indicator, self cleaning nozzle.

The Roadie JEM
During their 1997 stadium size world tours, both U2 and Pink Floyd needed a very special type of smoke machine. The machine had to be capable of projecting vast volumes of dense smoke or haze over a very large area. It was also necessary for the smoke machines to withstand the heavy treatment associated with tours of this magnitude as well as operating in an open air environment. Only the JEM Roadie could meet these requirements. Producing over 5000 cubic metres of dense smoke or light haze per minute, the Roadie's 40cm Fan can propel smoke up to 35 metres. The 19" rack-mount controller may either be operated from its 'on-board' position or remotely mounted on a 22 pin socapex extension lead. The Roadie has also proved its worth for training Emergency Services in simulated disasters. $8,290.41
Mini Mist Genisis Le Maitre

Le Maitre's Mini Mist has long been established as a market leader among compact hand-held smoke machines.

- Hi-Output Genesis block design
- Truly portable. May be disconnected from power source for 20 minutes of portable operation before re-heat is required.

- Vari-flow control
- Cannister driven (no pump)
- Compact(L x W x H) 11.75" x 5.5" x 7.5" - 9 Amps 115 Volts

G300 Fog and Haze Machine Le Maitre
The G300 is the most technically advanced fog machine available. Challenging all the limitations that technology offers Le Maitre takes fog machines several steps further. The G300 not only breaks all the technological advancements but it also doubles as a hazer. By simply changing the output mode and the fluid in the machine, it safely doubles as a water base hazer. This feature has never before been available on a standard fog machine. $1,679.58
Model 1600 ROSCO

The Rosco Model 1600 offers very high output and remarkable flexibility in a compact and easily transportable unit.

As with all Rosco fog machines, the Model 1600 is designed for professionals. That's why it has a Turbo/Compressed Air Input that allows effects to be created and the machine to be cleaned easily and quickly. (clogged heat exchangers are the most common form of machine malfunction. Compressed air cleans the heat exchangeer in minutes.)

The liter bottle of Rosco Fog Fluid sits neatly encased in a well at the rear of the machine. Fluid is fed to the machine via the fluid inlet that is mounted next to the well on the top of the machine. The Model 1600 is controlled through a control panel that serves as either the remote or on board control and is connected to the machine with a standard 7 pin XLR connector. The aluminium pump housing, newly designed for this machine, makes the equipment more rugged and enables it to generate higher outputs of fog on conjunction with the new heat exchanger design. The Model 1600 uses the current range of machine accessories, as well as the new Rosco DMX interface.

Model 4500 ROSCO

Rosco's Model 4500 Fog Machine was developed for situations where a high volume of dense fog is required. The machine has an incredible output equal to three of the Model 1500 machines.

The Model 4500 utilizes most of the quality components which have proven so reliable in the 1500. The high volume of fog is generated by combining three heat exchangers fed by a powerful peristaltic pump. The speed of the pump is controlled electronically, thus controlling the volume of the fog.

The Model 4500 features an internal 1 1/2 liter tank for fluid. The fluid level in the internal tank can be monitored from outside the machine. Users who prefer to supply fluid from larger external containers, for continuous operation, can do so easily with a simple hose connection.

The 4500 has an extensive array of controls and indicator lights on the back of the machine, secured under metal cover. There is a remote control included as standard equipment with the machine which permits operation from as far away as 100 feet (30 m). Also available is an optional Super Remote that includes a programmable sequencer. The machine is available in both 120 volt and 240 volt models.

The Model 4500, like all Rosco fog products, uses Rosco fog fluids exclusively. Rosco Fog Fluid is a unique chemical formulation honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences with an Academy Award.

Super Remote ROSCO

The Super Remote controls ON/OFF operation, fog volume control and permits you to program the fog output in timed bursts. This programmable sequencer will create fog at preset intervals for the duration you require. The operator has total control and does not have to be near the machine.

For use with the Model 1000 (limited control, no volume), Model 1500, Model 1600, and Model 4500.

Size: 6.25" x 2.25" x 1.5" Cord: 25 ft., 7 pin cable

DMX Interface ROSCO

The new Rosco DMX Interface has been designed to control the complete range of standard Rosco fog machines through the industry standard DMX lighting control consoles. The interface will allow volume control of the Models 1600, 1500, and 4500 and straightforward on/off control of the Models 1000 and 1300 (the 1300 will require an additional connection adapter).

The DMX Interface draws its power directly from the fog machine in the same manner as the standard or super remote. Connection to the machine is made via a 7 pin XLR type connector that is attached to the unit and is plugged in to the same input on the machine as any of the standard control accessories.

The unit is addressable to any DMX channel via (8 way) dip switch settings using the binary code system. There is a second set of dip switches (5 way) that can be used to preset the machine output.

Alpha 900 ROSCO

Although this is the lowest priced of all Rosco's fog machines, it carries several assurances of high quality. It's one of the very few fog machines in it's price category to be UL listed. It has the same lengthy Rosco guarantee offered on other Rosco fog machines. Like most UL-listed machines, the Alpha 900 is protected by a Fuse, which is easily accessible. Perhaps most important, it is sold and serviced by Rosco and Rosco dealers, who have been in the fog and smoke business for nearly two decades!

The Alpha 900 is operated from a hand held remote control connected to the machine by a 30' (9m) power cord. The machine itself weighs less than 12 pounds (5 kilos) so is easily transported from place to place. A sturdy carrying handle facilitates this and an optional carrying case is available. The Alpha 900 occepts all the Rosco Fog Fluids, including the scented fluids. A liter container sits securely in a well on the machine.

The fog volume of the Alpha 900 is quite powerful, with throughput (the flow of Fluid through the machine) measuring more than a liter per hour or 16 milliliters per minute. Since it uses the Academy Award winning Rosco fog fluid, you can be assured of the kind of dense, white smoke produced by other Rosco machines.

For applications where the smoke needs to appear in a location other than where the machine is situated, Rosco offers ducting hose and a hose adapter as optional accessories.